Malaysia’s #1 Online Clothes Ironing & Folding Service.
Meet the Kasisetel app – where ironing and folding clothes become a breeze! With 3000+ active agents across Malaysia (and we’re growing so fast), we fold and iron your clothes seamlessly. Everything happens in the app, except the magic on your garments. Download now for expert care!
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Kasisetel on TV9 news.

Launched in 2023, Kasisetel is not just an app; it's a revolutionary vision that redefines clothing care. Our unique approach to online clothes folding and ironing has garnered attention nationwide, earning features on esteemed platforms like TV9, Astro, Era FM, and more.

Till date, we’ve showcased our app in multiple universities and numerous residences across Malaysia, where our app has become the go-to solution. Boasting a network of 3000+ agents and rapidly expanding, Kasisetel aims to be Malaysia's #1 platform for convenient clothing car

Download our app from the App Store or Play Store to experience the future of garment care. In February 2024, we're relaunching with a world-class UI and enhanced user experience. Join us as a user or as an agent where you can start making money while contributing to the evolution of clothing c

Founder’s Message

Kasisetel really does check all the boxes for a world-class startup. We’ve expert, trustworthy agents who are trained all the time, we’ve the technology and the convenience, and more importantly, we’ve a really solid vision which we’ll never give up on.

Khalida Khalid Khan

Founder of Kasisetel

Now Kasisetel service in your hand

Forget about spending hours folding your clothes and ironing them. Let us do the tedious work while you get to focus on more meaningful endeavors.

Our Services


No, we don’t just use an iron box and run it over your clothes. We choose the right tool for the job – from dry irons to steam irons, each tailored to the specific needs of your clothes, adhering to Kasisetel's professional standards and precise temperature requirements.


Folding appears easy until your clothes pile up, and spending hours becomes pointless. Whether you own a clothing store or you just value your time and energy and don’t want to spend hours folding clothes, the Kasisetel app belongs on your phone.

Ironing & Folding

Why just iron? Why just fold? Why not both?

How it works

Bag up all your clothes


We pick up your clothes


We iron & fold your clothes


We deliver ironed and folded clothes

Training session for our agents at MAIWP University College, where the Kasisetel app is the go-to garment care app.

Kasisetel got featured on Astro for exceptional value and providing job opportunities for Malaysians.

Professional folding work by Kasisetel’s agent.

A memorable picture of Khalida Khalid Khan (center) and her husband Pozi Romly (left) with YB Duyong after a strategic nationwide growth plan discussion for Kasisetel.

Professional ironing by Kasisetel’s agent.

The founder of Kasisetel during a live radio session with Era FM.

Kasisetel was launched in large scale with the help of the Ministry of Woman development.

Kasisetel as one of the official job provider through collaboration with PERKESO Melaka. Truly nationwide.

Join us as an agent.

Unlock the potential to earn extra income with flexibility by becoming a Kasisetel agent. Join our growing network of 3000+ agents across Malaysia, offering services that redefine clothing care. Utilize our user-friendly app to seamlessly manage your schedule, service area, and earnings. Take control of your time and embark on a rewarding journey as a Kasisetel agent. Apply now to start earning with us! Training will be provided by Kasisetel HQ on a regular basis.

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A comprehensive network of clothes folding and ironing services throughout Malaysia. Neat and clean work results.

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